Lamination is the process of covering a document or other printed material with a thin layer of plastic film to protect it from damage such as tearing, creasing, or fading. The plastic film is typically made from polyester or polypropylene and is applied using a lamination machine.

Lamination services are offered by businesses that specialize in providing this service. Typically, customers bring their printed materials to the lamination service provider, who then uses a lamination machine to apply the plastic film to the document. The lamination machine consists of two rollers that press the plastic film onto the document, sealing it in place. The process is quick and can be done on a variety of document sizes, from small cards to large posters.

Lamination services are commonly used for items that need to be durable or have a long lifespan, such as ID cards, menus, maps, posters, and signs. Lamination can also improve the appearance of a document, making it more professional-looking and easier to read. In addition, lamination can help to protect the document from water, dirt, and other environmental factors.

Overall, lamination services are a useful way to protect and enhance the lifespan of printed materials, and are commonly used in a variety of industries including education, healthcare, and hospitality.

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